September 2, 2009

The Good the Bad and the....crazy lightweight grandma

Some pretty pictures to enjoy while we're on vacation:

Still the ultimate tracktard's car (with a Pink Floyd bank account). I notice the the GT-R does not have the tall 16" tires of the read car, bigger brakes?

This one from Porsche reminds me of those special edition Leica M cameras covered in lizard skin and favoured by dentists who never take them out of the box, lovely scenery though...

Finally, from the late 1960's, a car that was the reverse of the McLaren F1, a race car adapted for the road. The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale was an ergonomic disaster but one of the most amazing vehicles of the era. No hydraulic struts to hold the dihedral doors (later used on the McF1) open, 39 inches tall and pedals offsest way to the inside yet, 700kg with an all aluminum alloy body , 2.0 liter v8, 10000 rpm and 230 hp in road trim. Only 18 were made.



  1. I think the Sport Classic is gorgeous with the exception of the Duck Tail (Is like having Usain Bolt run the 100m on ankle high Converse's).
    The gray/brown combo is of really good taste!! :^)
    Seriously, is a great car for those who dont want a noisy high revving GT3... (widebody, LSD, and RWD only)

    High expectation for the new McLaren... let's see if they really surprise us with a lightweight car. Anything above 3000#s will be an underachievement (rather have a Scuderia at 2950#s)

  2. I love the 33 stradale. What a gorgeous car.

  3. Remember, CG, G. Murray is not doing the new McLaren but rather it is being done by the same dumb blokes who recently brought us the fat bastard SLR... the least significant "supercar" of the past 30 years. Murray recently expressed his view that the new McLaren will be "disappointing" and very overweight.


  4. Gordan Murray said himself the GTR was never meant to go racing.

  5. Jack.

    No sir. The F1 was never meant to go racing. Designed to be a ROAD car from the outset.

    However, customers asked McLaren to modify it for GT Racing. so GM spent 1 day in the wind tunnel and devloped the GTR version. They then sold them to privateer race teams.


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