September 15, 2009

Sauber Crime Solved!

"Sauber Crime" is how Swiss newspapers have been referring to BMW sudden and never properly explained dumping of it Formula 1 program and the 400 some employees in Hinwil.
Today Sauber announced it had found backing from Swiss based Qudbak Investments Ltd. and the sale contract signed by BMW.

It is now up to the other teams to agree to expand the field to 28 cars/14 teams. The last official entry was just announced, a new team Lotus with backing from the Malaysian government and Air Asia and run by ex-RedBull and Ferrari PR person Dany Bahar and with Mike Gascoyne .

No word yet as to the futures of Mario Theissen and Peter Sauber or the full details of the deal with BMW The deal is reported to be for around 80 million Euros, the cars would run Ferrari engines and transmissions (Ferrari must have called on some of its Middle Eastern friends, Qudbak represents M.E. and Swiss investors). Hilwil has a full scale wind tunnel which can probably be worth the buying price alone.

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