September 15, 2009

2010 Porsche GT3 RS, ride along at ''only'' 181 mph.

This video just surfaced on the YouTube account used by the now defunct Driver's Republic. Maybe they are not really dead, whatever, thanks for the peek!

This is the video's description:

"Manager of High Performance Cars for Porsche, Andreas Preuninger, provides the opportunity to ride shotgun as he took the first produced 2010 Porsche GT3 RS out for a ride on the Autobahn yesterday evening. Due to traffic, he was only able to get the car up to 292kph on the unrestricted A5 Autobahn.

The second half of the video, Andreas tells us what went into the development process for the new GT3 RS and what the car is capable of doing with the new technology and performance upgrades from the previous generation."

And here is the rest of it.


  1. I would do away with the orange rims & stripe. Perhaps white or black would look better.

  2. I so want this car in my life LOL


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