September 30, 2009

Official: Alonso at Ferrari for three years

Press Release

Maranello, 30th September 2009 - Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro announces that it has reached an agreement with the driver Fernando Alonso. The agreement covers three racing seasons, starting in 2010.

The Scuderia’s driver line-up next season will therefore be made up of Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso, with Giancarlo Fisichella in the role of reserve driver.

Kimi Raikkonen will leave the team at the end of this current season, after what has been a rewarding and fruitful partnership, which saw him win the Drivers’ title in 2007. He also played a key role in Ferrari’s taking of the Constructor’s title that same year and in 2008.

“We are very proud to welcome to our team another winning driver, who has demonstrated his amazing talent by winning two World Championships in his career to date,” said Stefano Domenicali. “Of course, we wish to thank Kimi for everything he has done during his time with Ferrari: in his first year with us, he managed to win the Drivers’ title, thus making his contribution to Ferrari’s history and he played a vital role in our taking of the Constructors’ title in 2007 and 2008. Even during a difficult season like this one, he has demonstrated his great talent, with several good results, including a great win in Spa and we are sure that we can share more good times together in the final three races of this season.”

“With common consent, we have agreed to terminate the contract binding me to Ferrari to the end of 2010, one year ahead of schedule,” said Kimi Raikkonen. “I am very sad to be leaving a team with which I have spent three fantastic years, during which time I won plenty of races. Together, we have won 50% of the world titles in that period and I managed to take the Drivers’ title in 2007, thus achieving the target I had set myself at the start of my career. I have always felt at home with everyone here and I will have many happy memories of my time with the team.”
(Ferrari S.p.A.)

Interesting they would put Massa's name first I thought. Raikkonenen's statement is curious as well. I guess, officially, he's not happy to go?


  1. Anyone else surprised by Raikkonen's comments? Are they fake or does the ice man have a heart that can be broken?

  2. Fisichella... cocked up his career by moving to ferrari. Now he is reserve driver he should have stayed at force india where he would have been in the thick of the action.

  3. @ Murph, I seriously think Kimi's comments were written by his PR people. Notice how he's so much more articulate he is in press releases VS during interviews.

  4. Felipe Massa has been Schumacher's replacement as far as the German and much of the team is concerned. Ferrari seem to cling to Schumacher's glories even if they could need to look past Schumacher eventually to start some new era. Felipe Massa's days at Ferrari might eventually end as well and with it might mean turning the Schumacher page at Ferrari.

    By the looks of it, unless some miracle happens, Fernando Alonso's days at Ferrari will not be as successful as the German's were, given the regulation changes that have collectively put Ferrari in a bad situation for years to come. If Alonso manages to stay at Ferrari for long enough like 7 years then he could become a multiple champion with Ferrari as well, as by then Ferrari might turn things around to good days.

    The current king of the hill is the Mercedes engine and if Mercedes does supply up to 4 teams in 2010 and on, it will give plenty of teams opportunities to kick Ferrari's butt.

    I wonder how Ferrari will cope with the consumption problems of its engines in 2010 when refueling will be a thing of the past.

    And in Alonso's case, he is going to have to press a lot of buttons in the wheel to balance things out during the track and Felipe Massa is quite the expert at that. See how both Luca Badoer and Fisichella have faired for instance. Some cars are easier to drive at top speed than a Ferrari.

  5. I am pretty sure that the last sentence of Kimi's comment is written just to be a politically correct comment. Scuderia wasnt home for Kimi and this was obvious. I also think that he still have better memories from McLaren than Ferrari. I am curious about his comments when he sign back to McLaren...

  6. I agree with Tatas. Didn't, when asked what the best car he drove was, Kimi answer with "The 2005 McLaren" or something along those lines? I like Raikkonen but let's not BS, he's been itching to get out of his contract for probably at a minimum of a few months.

  7. i think Kimi's departure has a big deal to do with santander sponsoring ferrari, they wanted alonso and they wanted him BAD at ferrari, its mine of ***** gold and diamond for santander and ferrari jointly, money speaks these days, the price for a big $$$$$$$ sponsorship is kicking kimi out, kimi IS NOT HAPPY, he was the scapegoat of this deal and i believe that revenge will come from kimi's side soon next year's championship


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