August 16, 2009

On the BMW menu: Fried Lizads with a side of Jake

It went from good to great for BMW this week end at Road America, 1-2 on the grid, 1-2 at the checker. Joey Hand and Bill Auberlen took the top spot followed by Muller and Milner.

Helped by a lucky full course yellow but fast enough to resist a late charge from the Corvette of Magnussen/O'Connel and newly "adjusted" Porsche Gt3 RSR of Bergmeister and Long, the RLR M3's were the class of the GT2 field today. I wonder if some of that ex-Formula 1 money has found it's way across the pond already.

Also announced today were new regulations for ALMS starting in 2010. The series will move to both simplify its classes to just 4 and encourage alternative fuels/"green" racing. Maybe now BMW's decision to quit F1 when all other manufacturers decided to let the the whole "green" fig leaf fall by the wayside makes more sense.

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  1. FWIW - I was speaking with a team owner at Road America (who will remain nameless) yesterday and he was saying that he felt that the Dunlop tire development program was where the greatest gains had been made. He said that the Michelins have been consistently good, and the Yokos have not been as good.

    Not surprisingly, I think the finishing order on the grid bears this out.


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