August 15, 2009

ALMS: BMW qualifies 1-2 at Road America.

In a year that has been short of good news for BMW, the team must be overjoyed with their first and second place qualifying positions at Road America today. Cherry on top, both RLR M3's were under the Road America GT2 lap record set by Ferrari in the past.

Joey Hand and Dirk Muller will be starting ahead of the Long/Bergmeister championship leading Porsche GT3 RSR, which this week end received 25 kg of extra ballast from IMSA and the two Corvette ZR1. Dunlop must have come up with some very special rubber for this week end.

In case you missed qualifying streaming live on, take a look at the clip from the webcast. No wonder people hate racing on broadcast tv, usually you can't see anything, the commentary is bland and boring, whenever something is about to happen, there is a commercial. Webcast like this are, in my opinion, the future of motorsport broadcasting. Not only would web delivery allow for any commercials to be placed without interrupting the race but a multi channel transmission similar to what is already available through various pay services in Europe for Formula 1 could be easily implemented.

I wonder how many of us would be willing to pay for such a service if it was well thought out and reliable? Sign me up. Until then, we'll have to watch the race on SpeedTV Sunday at 3PM et.

Provisional Grid for the "Time Warner Cable Road Race Showcase featuring the American Le Mans Series (rolls right off your toungue, doesn't it?


  1. Thanks for putting this up. Looking forward to being in Canada Corner tomorrow.

  2. tk for posting had no idea was streaming


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