August 30, 2009

Hell Hath No Fury as a Piquet Scorned

Nelson Piquet Jr. did promise revenge on Flavio Briatore and Renault after his recent mid season firing and today, through the Brazilian Network Globo, allegations were made that he had been ordered to crash his car intentionally at last year's SIngapore GP in order to help Alonso who had just pitted before the rest of the field and thus gained a decisive advantage and a win. This in exchange for a contract for the current season.

Allegations are that there is proof of Flavio's and Renault's conspiracy but, frankly, Piquet's driving record is working against him on this one. One is hard pressed to believe Piquet could hold the car on the road consistently much less hold clandestine contract negotiation on the radio during a race. If this does turn out to be a true story ( and there should be plenty of onboard telemetry, radio transmissions and video to make this an open and shut case in about 15 minutes) it is doubly suicidal for the Brazilian, if it's pathetic for a team to be so desperate as to order a driver to crash, it is even more pathetic for that driver to be so desperate as to accept the proposition. Chances are both would be banned for life.

And here is the rest of it.


  1. boy, every time piquet says something new to the media, i find myself wanting him to drive on my team more and more. he's so loyal, and professional, and he avoids distraction, letting his driving speak for itself. i can't believe another team hasn't snatched him up yet. it's renault's loss, that's for sure.

  2. Piquet isn't lying when he says Flavio is more of a businessman than being able to run a team. He's not lying when he said he was given inferior equipment and a #2 lackey driver tag slapped to his chest. Nevertheless, Flavio has guided his numero uno to four championships, is loaded and in either case it's still no excuse for performing that poorly compared to your teammate. Nelson couldn't cut it as a driver period.

    And now this. It's career suicide to say something like this. If it's true he's screwed himself and if it's false no one will want to take on his excess baggage and complaining.

    Unless daddy Piquet, a true winner and talented driver buys BMW, I think his career is over.

  3. I don't doubt what he is telling is true, after all, we are talking about a sport where millions are at risk. Let's wait for the proof, although, nothing will redeem his F1 performance.

  4. the evil side of me suspected this last year and is now waiting for the show...

    If this is true, Rosberg may have just won a race......

  5. Where does it say that Nelson tattle taled? So if FIA is investigating, is because nelson told them? I dont see that in any article. I read the original article in the original language, not in Google translator.

  6. One could not be blamed for putting 2 and 2 together, the leak came from Globo and Jr. did promise to do all he could to ruin Briatore and Renault...


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