August 29, 2009

Go Green Fast: BMW changes the game.

BMW Vision

We've said before that the move towards greener cars could represent a great opportunity for enthusiasts because the only logical solution to performance and efficiency would be found in weight savings. Let's discuss whether 3050 lbs constitutes lightweight another time, what BMW has come up with is the first exciting hybrid in history.

Forget Tesla's Elise copy and Fisker's Joker mouthed car, visually this concept from BMW manages to both pay homage to some classic concept cars of the past while simultaneously looking like it would not be out of place in Daniel Simon's Cosmic Motors. Of course it remains to be seen if BMW can deliver on the car's ample promises but, as a concept, the "gamechanger" adjective seems to me is more appropriate for this car than to any plug in only utility vehicle.


BMW's decision to drop out of F1 becomes more clear now. F1 has moved away from KERS for 2010 and this concept has obviously been in the works for a long time. BMW had been frustrated once before when the series moved to v8's right when BMW was launching their "formula 1 inspired" V10 engines.

So we celebrate this exciting new car, I'm ready to go!

( you can read all about the concept car's specs on just about any auto web site...let me suggest THIS ONE)


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