July 30, 2009

"You need big balls and you have to be clever"

A must watch video: Marcus Gronholm driving the legendary Ouninpohja special stage of Rally Finland.

He's going slow but that just gives him the time to recall all of everybody else's accidents.
"Next corner, my cousin went off...ha", "Rovenperä went out there, he said something broke on the car but...I don't know", "Everybody is very very nervous, even me", all priceless lines delivered in classic Finnish deadpan.

The best part for me? They write the names of the drivers on the rocks they hit! That's harsh.




  1. Marcus Gronholm... Extraordinary badass and incredible driver.

    After he left, and now with ford and citroen as the only big manufacturers left, i stopped watching the Loeb show. In my mind, he's the only one that could have stopped that dastardly Frenchman.

  2. I don't blame you for getting tired of Loeb's dominance. You should tune in to the end of the season though. 4 rounds to go with Hirvonen leading Loeb by 1 point in the championship.


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