July 30, 2009

Super Michael Kart: Release the banana!

He may not have had success in F1 but Tonio Liuzzi, who you are riding with, was 2001 World Karting Champion, he beat one Michael Schumacher that year (yes, Schumi tried to win the Karting Championship too in 2001!). Well, Tonio can't catch that old man in the red suit.

This video of Michael Schumacher doing his thing at an Italian kart track last week, before the announcement, comes courtesy of AIM and features their new SmartyCam system.

(thanks 478!)



  1. Release the banana and jump the apex, Schummy!

  2. Haha. He looks hilarious in that little cart as opposed to the F1 cars :P

  3. Winner DJNX! I'm changing the title of the post! :o)


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