July 12, 2009

"To Be Honest..."

After today's German GP, Rubens Barrichello went into one of his usual hissy fits claiming he would have won the race if it hadn't been for the team screwing up his strategy and pit stops.

"To be honest, I wish I could just get on a plane and go home now. I don't want to talk to anyone in the team, because it would be a lot of bla, bla, bla, bla... And I don't want to hear that. I'm just terribly upset,"

Ross Brawn actually was honest and replied to the assembled journalists:

"Rubens had the 11th fastest time in the race today....You cannot win a race, whatever strategy you have, if your best lap is only 11th quickest. It is just not possible. Those are the facts."

To be honest Barrichello, who famously called Schumacher gay, should make an effort to enjoy his last seven races in F1 rather than spend his time crying. On the other hand he has more material for that famous tell-all book he threatenend to write.
(via Autosport)

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  1. I've tried really hard to like Rubens but ultimately he comes back as someone who appears to be bitter that he never won a title and thinks everyone is against him.

  2. Come on, why the anti Rubes vibe?
    At least he has out performed Jenson in the last 2 races. Not too bad for an old dog. He will probably out perform Button at Hungaroring too.
    At least he's still got the passion to complain and not just fizzle out.
    I think I'd be pretty peaved if my team used the dodgy back-up fuel rig and didn't actually fuel me to the end of the race, meaning another pit-stop. With the graining, he might not have been able to hold off Vettel, but at least he'd be on the podium.
    Any way well done Mark. Go Aussie

  3. Like Brawn said, you can't win a race with the 11th fastest lap time... once that is out in the open, every other excuse seems, well, an excuse, no?

    Unless Ross is lying about the lap times.

  4. Agreed,
    He couldn't have won, but he could have got a podium if they didn't use a 2nd hand refeulling rig. At least the championship titles are becoming interesting.
    Geez, Jenson isn't so smily when he's not at the top.
    Really the race was lost with tires. I'm sick to death of these stupid fragile 6 lap wonders.
    Bring back Goodyear and Michelin please.

  5. I was under the impression the first rig failed. Of course there is always the Oliver Stone version with Rubens it seems.

  6. Ha ha,
    Nup, definitely a conspiracy. Brawn were happy to lose the championship points, just so Rubes could finish behind Jens.

  7. I used to be a big Rubens fan, but since the end of last year he just seems to want to destroy his own reputation...

    Sad really :(

  8. I like the face of the PR girl next to Rubens right after he said "how to lose a race". Takes off her headphones and is all "alright I HAVE to listen to this"

  9. Strange things I hear. For statistics fans : in none (like in 'not a single one') of Hamiltons Grand Prix wins he took fastest lap !!! Still he became world champion. Why should you have to be quickest to win a GP??? The fastest lap time is only a recording of one single lap during the race, it is not a prerequisite for winning the GP. Being a Button supporter rather than a Rubens supporter I still say : Button is favoured within Brawn GP. If Rubens keeps his word he would have to quit here and now because he clearly is again only "number 2"

  10. regarding Hamilton : I mean of course in none of his 2008 wins but still ... he only managed 1 fastest racelap in ALL of his wins (Japan 2007)


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