July 12, 2009

German GP Pre-Race...(no spoilers)

Sadly, in the US, we will be forced to wait until the afternoon for the tape delayed Fox broadcast, a shame because the German GP has the potential to be one of the season's most interesting. Of course there is the threat of rain and Saturday's qualifying session was all about guessing the right tire at the right time. Some were caught out badly, especially Alonso but they certainly all earned their paychecks.

The relative weight of the cars is very interesting with the BrawnGP's running considerably lighter than the Red Bulls. Hamilton too is lighter but Kovalainen and the two Ferraris are considerably heavier than Webber. The heaviest car in the top ten is Adrian Sutil's Force India, a full 18.5kg over Webber's RedBull.

Why are the Brawns so light? they need to be or is it a strategy call? The resurgent Mclaren, is it the real thing or a fluke due to the circumstances on Saturday? Hamilton had all the new aero bits and the lighter car yet Kovalainen was only one spot behind. Ferrari look like they are praying for rain and for everyone else to crash, it's not like that hasn't happened before at the Nürburgring. Keep those cranes handy!

if you can't wait you might want to check THIS out. Your milage may vary but it's working well for me!

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