July 19, 2009

MotoGP @ 1500 frames per second.

Since everyone enjoyed F1 in super slow motion so much here are some MotoGP bikes, it's quite short but still very sweet. This is from the German GP at the Sachsenring where Valentino Rossi pulled off yet another amazing ride for his 101st win.

Don't miss a chance to see this race, like many MotoGP races this season, the entire thing was practically a highlight reel. I'm asking the question more and more, why bother watching car racing? In the broadcast the mentioned the lean angles are over 50 degrees...



  1. "I'm asking the question more and more, why bother watching car racing?"
    Totally agree, which frustrates me as a fan of all types of motorsport, why can't car racing be as entertaining!
    Actually it can, but you need to be radical; look at Aussie Racing Cars as a great example...

  2. just a simple but important reminder
    eurosport > BBC
    the commentators (julian ryder and toby moody) completely transform the experience and in fact the BBC commentary is a case in point of uninformed, lagging, and plain boring commentary.

  3. Meanwhile, this high-speed camera video is cool... Very cool.

  4. Amazing how much stuff goes on when a bike transitions... had no idea


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