July 25, 2009

Massa scariest moment

Props to Schuberth

Reports are that Massa responded to all question lucidly but was so agitated he had to be sedated and later went into shock perhaps that is why he was intubated... lucky in a way that it was a glancing blow as apparently the spring then went on to hit and make a hole in the sidepod.

Regulations say that a replacement driver has to complete at least one session so Ferrari will only field one car tomorrow.

And here is the rest of it.


  1. And here is the video: http://auto.indavideo.hu/video/A_Massa_baleset_felvetele_lassitva

  2. ESPN is saying his condition is getting worse :(

  3. From James Allens twitter page.

    God damn it, why cant I copy and paste in here?

    Anyways, it says to ignore the AP/Sky News reports and that the team says his surgrey was a sucsess and that he is going to be ok. But he recouperation will be a long one though.

  4. Yeah, I think there may some confusion because all head injuries are classified as "potentially life threatening".

    Italian press gives Massa in a medically induced coma as a precaution. Hard to sort facts there.

  5. Wow, that does not look good. Thank god for state of the ary helmets. Let's hope there is no brain damage or spinal injury.


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