July 19, 2009

Axis banned from Lemons!

Yes, rumors are true, the most hated car in the recent 24 Hours of Lemons did in fact have an Axis connection. Like Rubens Barrichello, some Axis team members are threatening to write a book exposing the seamy underbelly of America's favorite slacker race!
Axis says: "No wheels off? What tha..."

And here is the rest of it.


  1. i'll have some 'quotes' in that book.

  2. I believe that pic is black flag #2.

    If you are not a car guy, then sign up for lemons, you will love it!

    LEMONS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I started to suspect a few things this "season," it's a shame they're true. Looks like they need new rule changes as bad as F1. But I don't see cars in F1 getting black flagged for putting a wheel off...

  4. I don't see an article here.

    As far as most hated car - that would be the Mustang from CMP Spring '09.

  5. Very articulate post here Axis. How about actually making an informative post instead of the blah-blah-blahing and sounding like a cry-baby? Wait, that is what Ruebens would do.

  6. I guess you will just have to wait for the book!

  7. one of the officials told me that they black flag drivers for wheel drops in other racing series. i lost it right there. at that point i was for sure done with the lemons experience.


  8. you mean "officials" spence...

  9. the wheels off rule netting you a black flag is the rules by which they run LeMons. I also run in the ChumpCar series, and find that the Chumps run a different type of event, one that you might like better than the LeMons racing. I do like the sheer volume of cars on-track during a LeMons race, but the spectacle is sometimes more of a focus than it should be.


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