June 4, 2009

Speaking of Schwedenkreuz...

Check out this video Tim Hutton from Road Magazine sent us.

What I keep wondering is, would that track be scarier when full wet or when it's like in this video, where you don't really know how much water is around the next blind crest?

In a similar situation, when we were just there, a very nice looking Mercedes CLK 6.3 Black ping-ponged between the guard rails for over 300m between Qiddlebacher- Höhe and Flugplatz...

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(via ROAD Magazine)

And here is the rest of it.


  1. What an awesome save at what,maybe a buck or a buck-twenty?

  2. It happened not only to the CLK Black but also to the black Nissan 200SX with fiber glass doors. Both cars appear on your Day 3 photo show with pictures taken just a couple hours before their demise.

  3. @ hounder: whatever the top speed of your car, you are probably going to reach it at the end of the straight just before that corner...

  4. a very nice save regardless of speed

  5. Wow! Scary save. Seems to be doing 120mph (200kph) at that point.


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