June 25, 2009

Massive Mosley Hissy Fit: No deal!

What we have here is another inexcusable hissy fit: Max Mosley, unhappy how his defeat was conveyed in the world media now says the deal is off and he might stand for re-election in October and will not give up day to day operations in the meantime...

To think that some journalists were accusing di Montezemolo of "creating Opera" just last week.

At this point I, and I'm sure many fans, wish Formula 1 as it exists now gets shut down, ended, you had a good run baby but it's time to call it a day.

Start something new. Something that works for teams and something that works for fans. Enough with old men bitching, let's go racing before there is nobody left to watch.

(read this in Autosport.com) After the jump the full text of the letter sent from Mosley to diMontezemolo

Dear Luca

We made a deal yesterday in Paris to end the recent difficulties in
Formula 1. A fundamental part of this was that we would both present
a positive and truthful account to the media. I was therefore
astonished to learn that FOTA has been briefing the press that Mr.
Boeri has taken charge of Formula 1, something which you know is
completely untrue; that I had been forced out of office, also false;
and, apparently, that I would have no role in the FIA after October,
something which is plain nonsense, if only because of the FIA

Furthermore, you have suggested to the media that I was a "dictator,"
an accusation which is grossly insulting to the 26 members of the
World Motor Sport Council who have discussed and voted all the rules
and procedures of Formula 1 since the 1980s, not to mention the
representatives of the FIA's 122 countries who have democratically
endorsed everything I and my World Motor Sport Council colleagues
have done during the last 18 years.

If you wish the agreement we made to have any chance of survival, you
and FOTA must immediately rectify your actions. You must correct the
false statements which have been made and make no further such
statements. You yourself must issue a suitable correction and apology
at your press conference this afternoon.

Formula 1 is run entirely by our 25-strong team without any help from
me or any other outsider. There was no need for me to involve myself
further in Formula 1 once we had a settlement. Equally, I had a long-
standing plan not to seek re-election in October. It was therefore
possible for me to confirm both points to you yesterday.

However, given your and FOTA's deliberate attempt to mislead the
media, I now consider my options open. At least until October, I am
president of the FIA with the full authority of that office. After
that it is the FIA member clubs, not you or FOTA, who will decide on
the future leadership of the FIA.

Your sincerely
Max Mosley

(via racefax.com)


  1. a letter from a sad, pathetic old man attempting to hold onto his ego and power. What's Mosley so proud of? Helping Ecclestone tear the face off of F1 and parade it around for their own profit? Yes, quite an accomplishment.

    I have to agree at this point, let it go. Let F1 pass on and hope that a new series can be formed that does justice to what F1 used to be.

    Still - it's funny to think Mosley will take on 8 of the teams and win.

  2. This story has more twists and turns than a latin telenovela.

    The egos of these two will simply not fit in Europe. Will Mosley end up in Nascar too? ;-)

  3. this guy is a delusional sociopath. is this not more affirmation to the FIA, the WMSC, FOTA, F1, and frankly the entire planet that this guy needs to be put to bed? if i was FOTA, i would just say fine, have it your way, tear up the agreement, and go racing next year in another series. Max Mosley can have F1.

  4. Has anyone read the latest on Autosport? this guy is becoming unhinged.

  5. He's certainly leaving deep claw marks on his desk as they drag him away...

    I'm getting pretty fed up with F1, and I've been following it religiously for much longer than I would ever care to admit.

  6. Why doesnt he just OD on something like his son did? This guy seriously needs to get the F$CK out of F1 and the FIA, he is killing it every day he is in.

  7. tough words from anonymous. cant the FIA and WMSC reel this guy in? they must understand what would become of F1 if FOTA leaves to form another series. this should be done and over with, instead we're right back where we started. i'm with AC, i'm getting tired of this bullshit.

  8. Good grief this is why our whole world is screwed up . . . because too many politicians are cut from the same mold as this megalomaniacal idiot.

    Hey Max, everyone . . . absolutely everyone . . . . is telling you thanks, but no, . . . no really, no thanks.

    Call a geisha, take a breather . . . do us all a huge favor.


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