June 24, 2009

di Montezemolo: "The dictatorship is over"

While most publications seem to be reporting that Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo had nothing but praise for ousted FIA president Max Mosley and F1 impresario Bernie Ecclestone, Gazzetta dello Sport quotes him:

"The dictatorship is over...It was a success due to the unity of the teams, of the manufacturers. Ecclestone used to say that he fed FOTA papers to his dog and Moslay clamed he never heard of FOTA. I think today they sang a different tune"

I think the vernacular is "bitchslap"




  1. Yet another public spanking Max wishes never happened.

  2. In the wnd however, you have to wonder if FOTA's victory is not just a pyrric one.

    The rules are still Mosley's and the budget caps are at the very least given lip service to...

    I kind of wish they had started from scratch.

  3. Priceless. My respect for Ferrari is returning a little more every day....... (used to be a fan but Jean Todt put paid to that).

    Of course my greatest fear now if Todt becoming President of the FIA.

    When Ballestre was in charge they were dark days, obviously the job sends people insane.

    But I'm singing in the streets that Max has had his marching orders - rechts links rechts links

  4. Todt was friendly with Mosley, The smart thing to do would be to pick a total outsider of another generation, but that will never happen.


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