June 11, 2009

Hard Fighting at the Glen.

A great in car video from Joey Hand's Turner Motorsport BMW M3 from the June 7 2009 Grand-Am Koni Challenge race at Watkins Glen.

As the video starts, there is a restart after a yellow flag, it's mayhem! If there was ever a better illustration that there is no such thing as a "racing line", this is it. Don't miss what happens between Bill Auberlen and Andy Lally in turn 7 (the Toe).

As a bonus, after the jump, you can see the race side by side from Auberlen's and Hand's cars.


  1. great racing...thanks for the video!

  2. Now I really can't wait to get to the Glen! ... be there Mon / Tues. Any viewers or members of the Axis going to be there? Fukes

  3. Yeah the Freep will be there, CG, Adil and I will be there wed/thu with Group 52.....can't wait!

  4. Damn! Feel so bad about having missed my race at The Glen. It's a great track for passing as it is WIDE and you have good camber everywhere.

    Group 52 open track should be awesome next week and a good blend after the NRing...


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