June 11, 2009

Back to the Future?

There is the very real possibility that Formula 1 might decide to commit suicide on Friday morning and maybe the future will see a resurgence of what once used to be called the Prototype class.

Back on the late sixties it was as popular as Formula 1 and was there manufactures competed. Porsche, Ferrari, Ford, Matra fought each other at Le Mans, Monza, the Nurburgring, Spa with cars that were much more advanced than the Formula 1 cars of the day. With Luca di Montezemolo as the starter at Le Mans this year, who knows, maybe we'll see a return to the glory days soon.

We've had "La Ronde Infernal" on before but, as it's about the 1969 race, it makes sense to take a look at it again this year. In four parts, the other three are after the jump. Some things have not changed: fourty years ago, just like this year, the leading team was accused of using illegal aerodynamic devices!


  1. Pretty cool to see McQueen out there doing some checking for his movie. That and the Porsche 917's running with the longtails before Wyer and his crew took over managing the Porsche teams. Check out the book Racing in the Rain - autobio of a guy who worked to bring both the GT40 and 917 to the track and keep it winning, great book.

    Perhaps the FIA can enact rules that take us no further than say, 1975 for the cars that race today?

  2. One of the things that bothers in me in F1 is the restrictions on making these cars slower. Bring back the V10's, better aero etc, I would think that by relaxing the rules almost less money would be spent.

  3. But, if the rules are relaxed - would teams and constructors likely spend more money on development like ground effects, aero aids, and something like the Tyrell P34 six-wheeler. However, would it be interesting to see F1 allowing teams and constructors more freedom on how to solve problems? Absolutely.

  4. F1 teams will spend the lesser of these two amounts:

    1) The maximum they can afford to spend.
    2) The maximum they are allowed to spend.


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