June 28, 2009

Doune Right

Next time you feel like you don' have enough runoff, think of this video.
We are in Scotland at the Doune Hillclimb. The car, an MNR Vortx, is powered by a 1400cc Kawasaki engine.

90+mph on a path barely wider than the car is quite something but the real kicker must be that rocket launch and over the hill right turn at :56 in the clip!

Thanks to Stephen Hynds for sending us the clip and the info!

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Talk about oversteer! Anyway, I'm interested to know why the paddles for the gearbox are backwards in comparison to any other car (that I've ever observed, at least). Left for up and right for down?

  2. That's a hard one to answer. When we went to pick up the car (I sent the video in, and my friend is the owner and driver) they told us "that's just how we build them".

    We've looked at swapping them as the car that was used for competition last year was a fireblade powered westfield and its paddles were on "the right way round". The driver got used to it though as you can see from the video.

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