June 14, 2009

24 Hours of Le Mans Highlights

Peugeot does it. You can bet Marc Gene, who is a Ferrari test driver, will have plenty to report back in Maranello!

Porsche takes LMP2, Corvette/GM GT1 and Ferrari dominated GT2.


Start commentary HAS to be in French!

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  1. Thanks for all the links through the Le Mans weekend, this year I managed to get the best coverage of the race I've ever had, with a combination of Radio Le Mans, some justin.tv feeds and the live timing.

  2. Agree with Julianz, this year had the best coverage. The Justin.tv links were fantastic, as was the live timing. Heck, I even caught some SpeedTV coverage over at my brothers.

    And I get to relive the best bits here at Axis. That beats working today!

    Looking forward to next year.

  3. I stayed up all night to see my hero Jos Verstappen race again, as a fan of his it was a while ago he raced on a high level, but he showed some good performance, too bad his Aston was not that reliable.




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