May 19, 2009

Just a Friday afternoon, ripping on a GT2.

CG and Stee managed to sneak up to Monticello Motor Club last friday for a little test and tune on their race cars. They managed to break both (hey, that what test sessions are for, right?) but that only meant it was an excuse to rip on CG's GT2 on the North course!.


We had a fun day yesterday at Monticello. What a great handling track.... I love the facility.

We even manage to sneak in a few laps in the members only track in the GT2 thanks to the power steering of my Cayman racecar (yet again failing through another hose...). Check below the first couple of laps with Stee on board.

The OEM tires are the worst R-comps ever, especially the fronts (a howling herd of 25 cats).Beyond 9/10ths it understeers like a pig on slow corners (70mph or less). Nevertheless, it's a ton of fun and brutal power with a playful rear end. Also the speed is deceiving in that car, consider that 2nd is good for 80, and 3rd for 112, and it doesn't really come across in the video (we didn't know the new Chasecam had accelerometers we just threw the PDR on the floor so not sure if what shows in the video is meaningful at all)..



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