May 20, 2009

As Formula 1 turns, episode 1376.

With a verdict on Ferrari's request for an injunction to stop the FIA's 2010 rules looming today, no doubt entirely by coincidence, four new teams have confirmed plans to compete next year. Max Mosley's battle plan is playing out.

While Ecclestone and Mosley have been quoted in the last week calling Ferrari, "not indispensable" and even "idiots" one has to wonder if they should not listen to Fernando Alonso's advice that Formula one consider the bird in the hand rather than the teams in the bush: many are wondering about the real world viability of these team Mosley has enlisted for his game of musical chairs.

Cheering for an Epsilon Euskadi and Formtech may excite Mosley but sponsors are not jumping in just because it's "cheap", Brawn GP has dominated the current season yet remains without a major sponsor. Food for thought.


And here is the rest of it.


  1. One things for sure, Max Mosley had his gums flapping at the Spanish GP then with all these possible Spanish teams. Alonso has said part of it, F1 was never meant to be cheap, it is supposed to be the motoring world's spectacle sport, the creme de la creme. A sport/league that has a fan base all the way up the social and wealth ladder. Something that is indeed a rare opportunity for advertisers and sponsors to be able to access. If the advertisers had wanted something else they already would have jumped ship to ALMS, LMS, GP2, IRL etc etc.

    I think a budget cap is needed but a lot higher than it is now and KERS gone.

  2. Hell, Brawn GP has dominated so far this year and their drivers keep showing to the podium in absolute white. Yes, the car shows Virgin sponsporship but they are not the main sponsor. That shows how hard it will be for the new entries to find sponsors.


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