May 12, 2009

Ferrari to decide F1 future today.

At 9 am EST Ferrari's board of directors will meet in Maranello, the only item on the agenda anyone is interested in will be the decision to participate in the 2010 Formula 1 championship or to decline, as Toyota, BMW and Red Bull more or less decided to do, if the proposed two-tiered system is introduced, the FOTA-FIA war in now officially "hot".
It will be interesting to see if the Mosley-Ecclestone bad cop-good cop act worked out in the compromise sure to come out of this latest F1 soap opera.


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  1. Fuck the FIA, FOTA should form its own racing series that goes to real race tracks. Not a bunch of Tilk designed tracks in poverty stricken country's that cant even give away tickets to fill the grandstands. Keep F1 were it belongs, in Europe/Traditional Places not scattered in Asia and the Middle east.


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