May 10, 2009

The Chosen ones.

The way it works is, everyone writes about Vettel coming in 4th rather than Webber's great race for 3rd. (which included an overtaking of Fernando Alonso that will be in highlight reels for ages). Vettel is the next superstar sadly held up by Massa, Webber is given a pat on the back. That the way it is at Red Bull.


At Brawn we have Barrichello, as we predicted, complaining about team orders.
"I think (Ross Brawn) really likes me...". Right Rubens, he was your team manager for years at Ferrari, I'm sure he "liked you" but he still made sure the team and its number one driver won.
Is there any doubt that Button is first drive at Brawn? Only for Rubens apparently. His declarations on the verge of a hissy fit are not surprising, he's always had a persecution complex, but on Sunday it was not the strategy but his driving in the second part of the race that was the issue. Even Button spurred him on over the radio.

Barrichello was not the only whiner of the week end. Lewis Hamilton went as far as saying he drove great "like I always do" but the car was a dog, an extraordinary way to endear yourself to your team who have, one way or another, worked extremely hard on that car.

Ferrari also put a lot of work into their cars and they gained the most compared to the frontrunners Brawn and Red Bull, what they do not have yet is reliability. God knows if there is something that will break on a car, Raikkonen will find it but, unlike Hamilton, Kimi will take the fall for his and maybe even other's mistakes.

Massa drove a great race, Ferrari must have decided to race Vettel for third and that's why the early stop. What happened with the fuel, if it was a machine error or a human error we might never know, but at least when the cars ran (and had gas) they were very close to the frontrunners.


  1. I just dont understand why BGP would decide to give risky of the two strategy's to Rubens. What sense does it make to give the leader of the race an uphill battle when they could have just changed his strategy to a two stopper as well and cruised to victory? It should have then been Buttons job to pick up the slack and try and leapfrog Rubens with 30 qualifying laps in a row after loosing the lead. As we saw from the race Button didn't loose any time to Massa by being on a two stopper, why would they think Rubens would loose out to Button?

  2. Can you hate on Hamilton any more? Lol, its quite sad that you ALWAYS have to dig through his words to find a negative comment about them.

    "Lewis Hamilton went as far as saying he drove great "like I always do" but the car was a dog, an extraordinary way to endear yourself to your team who have, one way or another, worked extremely hard on that car."

    Hami was only being obvious, the car just isn't working and it was neither a positive nor negative remark. Every driver on the grid right now has criticized their machine at one point or another and for you do take Hamilton's comments and twist them as an arrogant remark is quite ironic.

    I could just nit pick your posts left and right on how much Anti-Hamilton garbage you spew; but then that wouldn't make me any better than you.

  3. I love it..

    The "Brawn likes me" and "like i always do" quotes are gold!

    Also as an Aussie I'm glad you also thought the pass on Alonso was pretty nice.. Especially at Fernando's home gp.

    Wonder if redbull is also giving orders.

  4. Wendy's, I can assure you it did not take much digging, it was his only comment post race. I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed.

    Even Juan Pablo Montoya used to put in a good word for the team in between sentences describing how much the car sucked...and I don't think he ever so openly declared HE was not the problem. Maybe we need to give Hamilton honesty points?

  5. Well done Webber... and we all know Webber is a Monaco fan.
    Just something to consider regarding 3 stops being the 'ultimate strategy' that 'apparently' both Rubens and Jens were on at the start of the race: two (2) other dirvers were on a three (3) stopper; Knuckles Nakajima and Fisi. How well did it do for them? Hmmm... dead last of the non retirees.
    For the record, last year it was only the Toyotas that gambled with the 3 stop, ultimately finishing a respectable mid field 8th and 11th.
    Perhaps Rubens may have foundation to his paranoia.
    In all reality though it probably was that 2nd set of tyres just didn't work for him. Pity, I would have loved to have seen the old fella on the top step.
    Disclaimer: Barrichello fan

  6. AC, Hami did put in a good word for his team...Montoya-esque:

    "At the moment, for sure we don't have the car to win the championship, but the team have done a fantastic job and every weekend they do a fantastic job."

    (from the same Autosport article you quoted)

  7. AC is now an official joke and liars (or too lazy to do semi decent research)!

    Below is a link to Hamilton's quotes after the race (full article - AC may be too lazy to read since it's not about how great Kimi is) - hey - were you and CG the ones in blackface at the race?:

    Here's one of the exact quotes. Hmmm - odd, seems he's praising the team there!

    "For sure at the moment I don’t have a car to win the championship, which is a shame because the team have done a fantastic job. They are doing a fantastic job every weekend, and the reliability has been great. The morale inside the team is fantastic too; it’s just a shame I’ve not been given a car with which I can defend the championship. I’m driving the socks off it, but the car is that bad. There’s just no hope."

  8. Are you the " if you criticize Hamilton you are racist" person?
    Did you watch the BBC interview with Hamilton after the race? did you see the expression on his face? Did you notice the tone?

    I'm not the only one to notice that Hamilton is sending, at the very least, mixed messages.

    In a way it's understandable, the Hamilton brand has been severely damaged this year. I can see how his nerves must be on edge.

  9. Let's just come out and say it:

    Hamilton is a cock.

  10. From Planet F1 (Race Loosers):

    "Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 9th
    Lewis is confirming my theory that he can't actually speak to the press unless he has a suck from his drinks bottle first. It's his "blue blanket". Mr Motivator looked angrier than usual after the race, probably because he'd shipped his girlfriend in only for him to have a pants race.

    Now we're certain that in reality Nicole Scherzinger is a lovely girl, kind to animals with the virtues of a saint, but to the ill-informed outsider...well...she looks like high maintenance. Perhaps that's why a grumbly, sulky Lewis said the car was worse with the upgrades. He's a simple boy, he just likes to please...

    It must be great if you've been working all hours in the factory at Woking to hear that honest uncomplicated appraisal from Lewis.

    Lesson No.3 in the Schumacher F1 Driving School - never slag off your team's best efforts. Michael always found a way to say something constructive.

  11. i don't hate hamilton, and i respect his immense skill. but has there been a driver with quite the same sense of entitlement he has? the guy was handed a golden goose his first two seasons, and now that it's stopped laying eggs, the guy's having to work a bit harder. he should suck it up and deal with it.


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