April 15, 2009

Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Everyone is using YouTube to put out the official line, from the US Government to Ferrari. You will probably read these quotes in your favorite daily or web site or you can now just hear them spoken by Ferrari Team boss Stefano Domenicali.
You may have read about the realignment within the Ferrari team, with Luca Baldisseri being sent away from the track replaced by Chris Dyer, Schumacher's and Raikkonen's race engineer who himself had been sent back to homebase after the 2008 season.
Baldisserri, on his semi-anonymous blog, makes a not so cryptic entry:

"Rain did arrive, maybe too much of it in the end... those 5 minutes of your life that in the end always make the difference, if you think about it many of the turning points in everyone's life are dictated by moment short in duration but long in consequence."..."things as they happened, could have happened very differently"

In other words I rolled the dice, came up snake eyes.

So it was not Schumacher who made the full wets call for Raikkonen in Malaysia though it's interesting that he too will not be in China this week end. Let's see if it really was a case of too many cooks or if it was just the wrong cooks. For sure there is much more behind this story.

And here is the rest of it.

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