April 14, 2009

It takes some nerve...

It takes a lot of nerve to race with a name like Stig Richards.

But perhaps it takes even more nerve to race a Caterham without a full cage, on the Mount Panorama track in Bathurst, on slicks, in the rain.

Aussie Stiggy here gets a bad start but stick around, he does OK in the end!

Stig writes:

"If you live in a drought affected area I think we have a solution. Gather around 30 Clubman cars and organise a race.

Just as we head out to the grid the predictive powers of the Bureau of Meteorology will collapse, clouds will gather like a scene from a sci-fi movie and as the lights go green the heavens will open, reaching the ground about two minutes later.

We will be on slicks, have had next to no experience of the track but rest assured we will enjoy ourselves immensely.

In this race I made the wrong decision at turn one and didn't have the momentum or power to keep my place up Mountain Straight.

I chopped out a couple of laps in the middle but essentially the video starts with me going backwards and then follows my quest to regain some spots.



Catch more of "Stig Richards" here


  1. that is THE most awesome video description ever... and all of the men racing are certified BAMFs

    that downhill... on slicks... in the rain...

  2. Seems like he made up some serious time on the downhill section. Was there a yellow in that area around the wrecked car?

  3. Thanks for embedding my video and the kind words. I even have an excuse for dropping back at the start. My 180bhp (atw) struggle uphill against the competitions (220, 245, 300 etc).

    I've now uploaded the even wetter race two (on wets) and the biblical downpour otherwise know as race three (ON SLICKS).



    Stig (yes, really is my name - I'm an Englishman, with a Norwegian mum - hence name, living in Australia).


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