March 22, 2009

Intelligent Design


I was puzzled at first, an invitation to a BMW 7 series promotional event which featured a tour of one of New York City's most extraordinary projects, the rehabilitation of the West Side Railroad High Line. The High Line, a 20 block long garden three stories up over the art galleries of lower Manhattan, represents what's great about the spirit of the city and a guided tour by one of the project's creators was eye opening, literally.


Transported above the street into a space cleverly designed to give new prospectives on a familiar landscape had its intended effect: back on the ground, confronted with the latest BMW 750Li, it was impossible not to notice interesting and subtle details. If great design does not call attention to itself, what could illustrate it better than the invisible grab handle built into the door's trim?


The 750 Li is a car of big presence and obvious luxury yet, I suspect, much of its pleasure will be provided by those small details only owners will be aware of.



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  1. I was at the High Line tour on Sat. The tour was amazing! Can't believe that section 1 would be open to the public in June. Can't wait.


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