March 3, 2009

First Tire Smoke from a Team Axis Spec e30!

We will follow NASA's Spec e30 very closely this season with some exciting surprises for our readers.
Here is one of the Team Axis cars coming to life for the first time and, appropriately, laying rubber and contributing to Global a good way, it's been very cold here!
Stay tuned!

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Ric SpecE30 #30 Mid AtlanticTuesday, March 03, 2009 1:02:00 PM

    You are going to love SpecE30...I know I did when I was racing there!!

  2. Now thats the way to test a future front runner!

    I wonder what name the axis will give to this new addition to the stable....

  3. Cool. What exactly are your plans for SE30?

  4. that is just the beginning! We are so excited to start racing the specE30 car it isnt funny. Our goal is to make it through our first season without breaking too many parts and only pissing off a few people, but most importantly having a blast and improving our race craft.

  5. Welcome! MidAtl region I'm guessing? How many cars/drivers? Have you taken comp school? When's your first race?

  6. Did you put some rice rocket fart can on that car????

  7. I believe that is the spec exhaust

  8. anonymous is correct, that is the spec exhaust and it is LOUD. We would never put some ghetto-fied piece on such a fine piece of german engineering. Nice thing about the spec exhaust is it is much lighter and scarier sounding than stock. We will be running 2 cars between 3 drivers right now, 2 of us (including me) have comp school at pocono on the 28th. Freep, our other teammate is a seasoned vet, but that doesnt mean we will not punt is old dad a$$ off the track

  9. I was anonymous btw...

    Did you just say the freep has an "old dad ass"????? hahahahahahaha
    you're toast.


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