March 20, 2009

Axis Says: Rally cars should be RWD only!

We said it 247 times already, we'll say it again: want WRC to come back to life? Bring back RWD production rally cars. Take a look at this BMW 135i at the 2008 the Rallye du Var, elegant, no? Why should we be stuck watching 4wd spec cars nobody is excited about?.

Same driver in 1992 at the Rally Corsica

After the jump a selection of thrilling rwd rally action clips!

Legendary Fiat 131 Abarth in action

Mercedes 190 driven by Guiness Book "world's longest drift" record holder Uwe Nittel

One of many rally e30M3's



  1. Agreed. That 135 rally car is SWEET. Good find.

  2. As much as I like AWD stability, I think I have to agree with this post. RWD rally cars just seem so right when you look at them drive. Especially on tarmac. :D

  3. BMW M3 Onboard Bernardini Corsega - Holy Balls Batman! Great vids as usual

  4. Yeah!!! AWD is for sissies!!

    Steering should be free of power transfer duties.

  5. @ on-board Bernardini video: Wow!!!
    SO fast, so little room for error on those small mountain roads. I don't know if the camera's position enhances the effect of going too fast into blind corners but it's almost scary to watch, you'd better be very trustful and have no potential heart problems to be the co-pilot...


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