February 20, 2009

Yellow Oil Burner


Changing times, a VW Jetta TDi yellow cab in Manhattan.



  1. IMHO, hybrid cars, or even cars with a start/stop engine are more suitable as a city cab than a diesel car, let alone the Jetta's limited rear seat space.

  2. I think NYC is the only city in the world where the driver needs to be in a bulletproof cocoon...

  3. I can't say enough about the need to embrace diesel as the best path towards fossil fuel efficiency. The reality of 100% electric or hydrogen powered vehicles is that the technology will take many years of refinement to approach the drivability of modern gasoline or diesel vehicles. Comparisons between current hybrid systems and diesels have shown that the diesel is much more effiecient in the city, as the hybrid must use gasoline power for the abrupt stop and go in modern city traffic....if you have ever ridden in a NYC cab you will know that drivers use the gas pedal as an on / off switch. It always amazes me how someone can spend 12+ hours @the wheel everday and not have 1 ounce of car control skills.

  4. interesting...do they make more money if they use less fuel on a daily basis? if so,........ if not, there is an cab company operation mechanism problem


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