February 11, 2009

"Grandpa" Schumi at it again, dumps bike, passes out.

The seven time world champion continues to push his luck. As reported by Spain's Marca, Michael Schumacher fell at 230 km/h while testing a bike on the Cartagena circuit in Spain. He hit his head and lost consciousness. Schumacher was taken by ambulance to a hospital and given a CAT scan which, according to his own web site, found no major lesions.
Major lesions are certain to appear after Schumacher returns to Switzerland and faces his wife Corinna.

And here is the rest of it.


  1. That's one of the best pictures I've ever seen.


  2. And this is when Mrs. Schumacher says "that's it!" Wonder where Schumy will get his adrenaline fix next...karts?


  3. Mrs Schumacher is going to seriously kick his ass... I'm guessing MS will need to take up jogging because he might not be able to sit for quite a while.

  4. you can just see it in his face "oooh sh*t"...
    and being the great enterteiner he is, lifted the leg just for the picture hahaha

  5. Just to clear things up, that picture is from a previous Schumi "moment" not from this latest fall.

  6. Give the man a break, all riders fall off!!

  7. Exactly Jon, It is a statistical fact.. eventually he will end up breaking something and (hopefully not) with permanent consequences. I don't see the point for him having accomplished so much and with a nice family to insist on racing bikes.
    He can easily get his adrenaline fix and competition at Enduro or Trials that have much lower life threatening statistics..... or what about DTM dominance.... that's a challenge!

  8. His wife knew she married an adrenaline junky. She will think nothing of it, they will laugh about it, and Michael will get on the bike again, or race one of his cars.


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