February 12, 2009


We are forever arguing about this issue at Axis BBQ's... more buttons or less buttons?

As far as the Panamera, get used to it, it's the shape of things to come. The BMW X6 led the way, you are seeing the wake effect, from Porsche to Toyota. Discuss.

That last photoshop of the BMW 5 Series GT (Progressive Activity Sedan) was pretty close to the real thing, no? 


  1. www.BMWBlog.com has the new 5 Series GT which looks like the X6 interior combined with a 5 Series/X6 body. Car looks awful.

    This terrifies me that this is the supposed future of interiors, the Pamamera especially looks like a button crazed, overly complex dashboard...maybe instead of buying new cars I'll start buying older and older cars.

  2. OK but then people freaked out when BMW went anti-clutter with the iDrive...

    As far as hatchback sedans, I'll reserve judgement for now. Rover SD-1 anybody?

    What I don't quite get is this "strict 4 passenger" bit, why?

  3. that's what I'm saying.

    "hey we built this ultra space-utilizing sedan/hatchback - but we can no longer carry five people, only four..." the logic behind this doesn't make any sense.

  4. I think the is some psychographic marketing at work there....

  5. the panamera is THE ugliest porsche ever... and in my top 5 of ugliest salon cars... seriously... why?

  6. I think the buttons are OK. 10-15 is the right amount for the human mind. Its a much better approach if they are really meant to be used while driving compared to the PC-like multiple level menu interfaces (Those only work to show off to your mates while stationary in the garage).

    The P-Car ergonomics are by far the best for drivers. I love my old PCM2.1 and the new touchscreen is even better while retaining the ease of use of a1 touch buttons for the meaningful stuff.

    My only gripe with the Panamera and such car is the 4 seat only configuration. Why would you want such a big car for only for people? Make a 3 seat rear an option.

  7. Porsche is not breaking ground in the exterior design is just the (un)natural evolution of the P-Car form in to a 4 door car. The other cars (X6, etc.) are just contraptions of bold steps and lots of chemicals being passed around at the design studios.

    I like that the Panamera is a hatchback and the fact that is clearly identifiable as a Porsche... I love brand consistency.... BMW is at the verge of being lost trying to second guess the consumer...

  8. I think it's a lot easier for Porsche to stand still than it is for BMW to keep moving stylistically.

    I agree with the 4 seat issue, It seems to be that these cars are targeted to "empty nesters" that have no need for that extra seat. The other possibility is that they want to make sure these cars do not get lumped is as minivans or wagons...

  9. Yup, the designers sure had some stuff, but I imagine the board had to give the final go. Are they on crack too?

    I guess everybody is entitled to an "off" day (or line)... After all it has been a while since the 928 and they have produced some amazing cars and SUVs in between.


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