February 20, 2009

Carrera GT 'Ring lap: final installment of the EVO Supertest

Supercarmovies.com released the final clip of the EVO Supertest and the Porsche Carrera GT's turn to set fastest time around the Nürburgring.

Marc Basseng lapped the Porsche supercar in 7:28.71 which is precisely the same time Walter Röhrl achieved in the GT.   I was surprised to hear the Carrera GT's weak point was its suspension tuning, it's a strange compromise given the car's non street friendly features like a super lightweight clutch.  In the end Porsche was slower than a notoriously not "tuned at the Nordschleife" Enzo with broken shocks.

Looking at the video though you would never guess, the car looks great and sounds fantastic. The V10 Porsche bottoms out a few times but you get few clues Basseng might have felt "not confident"!

Below is just a tease, just the first couple of turns, to see the whole thing at much better resolution you'll need to go to the Supercarmovies.com site HERE 


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