January 12, 2009

Winter Fix

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Ok, I realize it's a drug song in the clip but if getting up at 5 am to drive two hours in 7 degree F weather to an icy track when a major blizzard is forecast is not a sign of addicltion, I don't know what is.

The Monticello Motor Club has had the brilliant idea to cater to track starved addicts in the middle of winter, We went to the second even and I hope it was enough of a success for the club to continue with it.

I don't think anyone cared if it was brutally cold, at least the drivers didn't, some of the organizers looked a little frostbitten. And it wasn't just Subarus that showed up either. While Stee was in the Cayenne Turbo and I in the Audi S6 battlewagon, there were a number of M3s and Adil was there with the 997s. He may not have been the fastest but he sure got the most exercise and I suspect had the most fun. 

Obviously tires were the key, but only as long as there was a snow cover on the track.  As the day went on many of the turns were swept to just bare ice and that added quite a bit of excitement, good thing for the still soft snow banks!

One of the most fun things I have ever done with a car. Highly recommended! 

Check the MMC WEB SITE for news of upcoming events.
(Thanks to The Dough and Ponycar.net for the additional photos)

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  1. What (machine) was fastest? Most fun?

    That e46 M3 with the trick diff looked like a blast!

    Any mega 4wheel drift on-board vids?

    SK, nice job holding the rear with the snow bank!

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  3. The E46 M3 was a blast to drive on the South Course. Equipped with the stock suspension and the snow tires (although they are on their 3rd season) the car handled great once I was able to get it moving.. The most challenging part of driving the RWD car was trying to build momentum quickly.. off the starting line, the car took longer to get up to speed than the other cars out there, but was very easy to control one it was there. It was a great feeling to toss the car around. The well-balanced M3 was so predictable and easy to toss around the course. It was such a great feeling to take the last long righthand sweeping corner compeltely sideways at 50-60mph... something I would not be comfortable doing in the dry.

    Many thanks to Monticello Motorclub for hosting us at their facility for this fantastic event. I encourage everyone who might be interested to pre-register and attend the next event. You will not be disappointed!

  4. Ditto The Dough's comments.

    Thank you to the crew of guys who worked to put that event together and worked out there in the 10 degree weather.

    Seriously, anyone who has ever had a smile on their face from doing donuts in a snowy parking lot will LOVE THESE EVENTS. I honestly can't think of a better way to spend a snowy Saturday. It's 2 days later and I still can't wipe the smile off my face :)

  5. For sure I was the fastest because I wasn't timed for the whole morning! :o)

    Timing it must be said was approximate at best as it was done with radios and kitchen timers but who cares. It's amazing how 4wd really starts to make sense when you have zero traction! I have to say the Conti Extreme Contact All season I have on the Audi held their own much better than I ever imagined especially since they are almost down to the wear bars. Only when the snow started t get deeper did they really start to get tricky.
    As far as 4 wheel drift... everyone there was in a constant 4 wheel drift from the start to the finish! It was great.

  6. I saw my tracks into the damn tire wall on that video. Even after the broken headlight, grill, bumper, torn fender liners, it was an awesome day. Parts are on order ready for next time. Can't wait. And I think I learned my lesson.

    Thanks to Blue Suby Joe and Dan for the shotgun seat rides.

    Sorry about your motor Dan.


  7. What happened to Dan's motor? That's Adil's 1/2 car also if I have my Scoobs right....


    I was in contact with one of the organizers of the event to thank them for such a great time.
    He said that they are offering reduced pricing for groups of 3 or more who pre-register prior to the event. Reduced price will be $175-. Also, fastest car of the day will be awarded $250-

    Who wants to go on Sat., Jan 17th?

  9. awesome video AC. i squeezed out a 2:09 in the 10hp NA suby.

    adil jumped behind the wheel of the RS for the last 2 laps of the day and on last lap through the finish, the engine quit.

    i'm guessing oil pump or water pump failure.. timing seemed to be off when we got it semi-running. it's up at a shop in monticello getting a new-ish 35k mile engine and will be ready for action soon!


  10. How did the mini perform on the track? I'm thinking bout coming with mine next time! Let me know!

  11. ESP off I presume? D, S or tip? I extensively toured my neighborhood this morning after 6" of CO powder fell (in the same sideways fashion, and in an '02 S6).

  12. Yes of course ESP off and in tip mode. I don't even have real snows, just rather worn Conti Extreme contact AllSeason.


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