January 12, 2009

Ferrari F60 debut helmet-cam video

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  1. I the commentary the mention how mechanics cannot rush to the car, they have to wait for a signal that the KERS system is in "safe" mode.... I have to ask, what happens if there is an accident?

  2. Thanks for the video. It really helped me see the proportions of the car much better. I think the car looks like a skinny version of last years car. The rear wing is smaller than I thought too. It makes me wonder how much downforce are we going to see gained back through the evolution of these new cars compared to last years cars. Is there that much difference between them now? I am sure there has to be some loss due to the new rear wing?

    About KERS...I understand what it is but I still don't understand how the teams are using it? What kind of advantage can you gain with KERS?

  3. My understanding of KERS is that it's a battery of sorts that collects and stores the kinetic energy generated from the brakes when they're applied. Once a driver moves on to a straight or needs to overtake someone, they have a boost button tethered to the KERS system that provides a temporary "boost" of power.

    That's my quick and dirty understanding of it.

  4. http://www.formula1.com/news/technical/2009/0/612.html


    Some reading.. I think that he is using the Kers when exeting some of the corners..


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