January 27, 2009

Skoda gets religion.

23 year old German David E. got high marks for style from expert stuntmen after managing to stuff his Skoda Octavia into the roof of a church in Limbach after a 35 meter/115 ft. flight. Apparently the driver missed a turn and encountered a perfectly positioned berm which launched the Octavia into the roof of the 400 year old church causing an estimated 75000 Euro/ $98000 worth of damage. The newly religious David was injured but it's the Skoda that is not expected to survive.

The clip is in German, but I think you can figure it out! (thanks to ///My5UV, RTL andBlick)



  1. A little bit lower and the landing would not have been quite as smooth. That was a long way to travel trough the air.

    My first lap around the NJMP Lightning circuit had me thinking if your brakes failed at the end of the straight you would fly off the berm into the trees past the fence. Now I'm sure that would be the result.

  2. Maybe NJMP needs to build an FIA approved church down by turn1...

  3. Just to make it clear. That night the streets in Germany suddenly froze. However the video claims that the driver had to travel at more than 100 km/h / 60 mph to jump that far.

  4. So this FIA approved church would have a dungeon in the basement for Max?

  5. Only if approved by the inter-team spanking committee and the paddle review board. Use of KERS is also rumored.


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