January 5, 2009

Lost in Translation: the Alonso plane "crash"

World media abuzz with Fernando Alonso's private plane...  scrape

Speed TV.com reports:

"Fernando Alonso has emerged unhurt from an incident on Sunday aboard a private plane in Kenya, according to reports. Citing the information of the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, the website of Spain's sports publication Diario AS said a wing was damaged when the plane, also carrying the Renault driver's wife Raquel and members of her family, took off early on Sunday evening.
Alonso, 27, was attempting to return to Spain after visiting northern Kenya where his team boss, Flavio Briatore, owns the luxury resort Lion In The Sun.

A Renault spokesperson confirmed the incident that occurred at the Malindi airport, insisting that no-one was hurt.

AS said the plane's right wing struck a building, causing the pilot to momentarily lose control. It is said that a female pilot was in a state of minor shock.

The party, including Raquel's sister and her partner, subsequently organised to return to Spain on another private flight."

Yikes, another horrible David Couthard private plane tragedy? Ah, no. For one thing if anyone had bothered to actually read the original article and look at the pictures they would have known the plane never even left the ground, never even made it to the runway for that matter. The only thing in common with square chinned Scot is the pilot doing his best DC imitation by smacking his wing into a fence. Alonso and party got out arranged for another plane and left. How they got the "female pilot in a state of shock" bit is beyond me unless it has something to do with Alonso's wife who he had denied marrying for almost two years...(thanks Max, photo Robert Nyaga)


  1. far and away the most dramatic plane crash pics i have ever set eyes on. thanks you.

    can't understand how this isn't bbc front page news tho?

  2. Maybe because the BBC actually checked and saw there really was nothing to report? just a guess :o)

  3. I hope the children don't see those images!



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