December 29, 2008

Top Gear breaks new ground

The world's most popular car show managed to produce not only their season finale but one of their best episodes ever and have it be completely devoid of any car content!

I loved this episode,  perhaps because I have made half of that same trip, alone, in 1992 except I used taxis and scary Tupolevs and did not wear a colander on my head.  When the show starts and they are sitting in front of the church in the middle of Saigon, I stayed at the Hotel Caravelle which is just off screen right on that square.    The restaurant in Da Lat where they get drunk? Been there.  In 1992 they did not have luxury hotels yet but I did stay in a picturesque hotel in Da Nag where the long line of people waiting in the lobby was explained by the bordello in what you might have imagined to be the dining room...

Cool show we get to see thanks to anonymous "torrentialists" the world over. Check it out after the jump.



  1. Man, I love this show. Season 11 was a bit of a disappointment but they redeemed themselves with Season 12. I'm continually disappointed by how difficult it is for U.S. fans to access the new episodes versus being an entire season behind on BBC America

  2. oh, it's not as difficult as you may think, the episodes are usually on line somewhere within 24 hrs....

  3. These blokes are simply riotous! It’s hilarious!
    Best TG ever!

  4. The 'Nam Special might have not had any motoring content in it, but it was still a great episode and had plenty of fun and hilarious moments. Definitely can't wait for series 13 to start again.

  5. Great ep, hard to beat a top gear special.

    I turned off my adblocker for axis and this is what i get? hehe, happy new year!

  6. I did this Journey in 2005 as well. do you know the location of the restaurant in Da Lat?

  7. I would be lying if I said I remember where in the city it was...


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