December 27, 2008

Sideways, old school

I found what might be one of the most awful racing film/documentaries ever, essentially a Roger Corman level exploitation flick from 1978 Italy called: "Febbre della Velocit√°", Speed Fever.  It's god awful with interviews conducted by ex-pat hottie of the time Sydne Rome and some truly gory slow motion shots of the horrible accidents of that time with some graphic footage I had never seen before. However, mixed in with all that are some wonderful shots of period racing and I thought I might dole out some clips of the best moments here and there and spare everyone the pain, among other things, of seeing both Niki Lauda acting and Gene Hackman dubbed in Italian.... 

I'm going to start at random, the films covers a bit of everything including rally and I think we discussed before how WRC should just be RWD only.  OK, I know Gigi Galli can do this just as well with a WRC Ford Focus yet, there is an awesomeness to this, perhaps it's the tires on fire commitment of the Opel driver (I cannot identify), maybe it's the sight of the navigator hanging on the grab handle, maybe its just that it just the ultimate Scandinavian Flick. The mid engine Statos following is obviously a better car but the guy in yellow is just way more spectacular. 

Anyway, I think you might enjoy it as much as I did..


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