December 12, 2008

Porsche 997 GT3 RS MkII

In case you missed the pictures, this is the MkII version of the RS on sale from summer 2009. No firm details yet though a switch to a direct injection engine is likely while a semi automatic PDK option is not.

Styling has been updated to look, if possible, even more aggressive than the MK I version.


And here is the rest of it.


  1. uh oh...looks like there will more dead doctors

  2. Knock-off wheel nuts? Polycarbonate rear window? Say what you will about the 911 being an old design, but those dudes (at Porsche) have some cool cats among them.


    ps- AC who cares about the steel brakes... it's just a development car right?

  3. I was wondering if the "knock off" wheels were a test mule thing too...

  4. The brakes might be PCCBs, just with red calipers (hard to tell). Wheels look real center-lock (Center cover is too small for the real size of the hub to fit the 5-lugs underneath).

    The biggest debate among the P-Car nuts is whether it will really use the new (non race heritage) 9A1 engine (DFI and "Integrated Dry sump) or the traditional real dry sump GT1 evolution engine.

    I don't care as long as is better and more powerful. I trust it will still be as reliable or even more..


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