December 1, 2008

Barrichello wins Massa Invitational kart race...

...and somehow still manages to complain Michael Schumacher treated him wrong.

The ex-Ferrari, possibly ex-Honda driver won this year's "International Challenge of Go-Kart Champions", the charity event organized by Felipe Massa now in it's third edition, by one point over Luca Di Grassi. The race took place in Florianopolis in Brazil over the past week end.

After the race Barrichello complained Schumacher was too aggressive and had bumped him, something unheard of in karting apparently. What RubiƱho fails to mention is that he got his race win by nurfing Vitantonio Liuzzi in race one... oh well, never mind. Interesting to see Barrichello fighting with Schumacher and Luca Di Grassi, one driver supposedly robbed him of a world championship and the other may very well retire him from his present race seat.  

Aside from the dramatic angle, there is some great action in this two part race, especially from Felipe Massa who in the first race has to make his way up from mid pack. I wonder why Hamilton was not there or Raikkonen for that matter.

Second race is after the jump.


  1. many thanks for posting these. didn't catch either race yesterday.

    have no idea what rubens was so upset about mind you? that was the most reserved schumi has been all career.

  2. Nice video, too bad its commentated by a complete retard. It would actually be nice to hear the karts instead of his uneducated droning and mispronunciations.

  3. Barrichello sure was waving a lot. at one point he gives Schumi the universal "WTF are you doing" sign and a nice "GFY" sign...but they don't show how it all started.
    But serioulsy getting upset over bumping in a coverred wheel kart race????


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