November 13, 2008

Maserati MC12 Nürburgring lap.

Third in the Falcon/EVO Supertest laps series, after the Enzo Ferrari (great except for shocks which gave up halfway through the lap) and the Koenigsegg CCX (Heavy, soft and I think they crashed it too...).

Now it time for the Maserati MC12, a car somewhere between and Enzo and an FXX. Produced in less numbers than the Ferrari it is a rare sight and fairly absurd as a "road car" but the only car among the ones tested with a racing pedigree. Let's see how if worked on the Nordschleife .

Video HERE

After the jump I added a couple of behind the scenes YouTube clips shot as the tests were happening. Recognize a familiar car pulling into the parking lot behind the mega cars?



  1. For those of us not in the rumor mill, some hints on where your CCX crash comment comes from, please

  2. That would be CG.....he read that somewhere, EVO maybe?


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