November 1, 2008

La Torcida Brasileira

I have never seen or better, heard, anything like this. A crowd that can drown out a Formula 1 car.

Listen to this nat sound clip of Felipe Massa's perfect last qualifying lap and the final minute and twenty seconds of's amazing.

Massa and Ferrari did what they had to do. The plan is for Massa to get away and get clear with Raikkonen watching his back. Hamilton is risking, I put him on about the same fuel as Raikkonen, perhaps one lap more but he is behind Trulli and in front of Alonso. All he has to do is finish fifth, seemingly an easy task but while he is fond of invoking Senna's ghost, I would guess Ayrton would rather have a Brazilian win the championship! Whatever the result, it will be an incredibly exciting race up until the last lap!


  1. Great clip, it truly captures the emotion and passion of F1. The race tomorrow will be fantastic! Although Im not sure how many laps Massa has on board, Im guessing 5-6 less then Hamilton as he only dropped .6 seconds from his Q2 time. But if it rains tomorrow it will pay off for sure being able to have a clear view into T1 and while he is in the lead he will be albe to stretch it out like Seabass did in Monza.

    Its just sad to know that this time next year we will be finishing the 09 season in the middle of yet another sand pit that has gone to the highest bidder, thanks again Bernie.....

  2. I lived in Rio 10 years .... all i can say is that is really hard to explain how different things are in Brazil and i miss that place like crazy ,,,


  3. JP is right, we should have 1 race in Canada, 1 in Argentina, 1 in the US, and 1 on Brazil (as it was in the past) instead they love the $$$$$ not the tradition ... F1 was always an euro/the americas sport and i have nothing against any other cultures etc but really is frustrating to see that even the French GP is out of 08 (it might be back in 09) ... and I HOPE they don't even do the one engine thing .. that will destroy F1 ....


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