October 11, 2008

Japanese GP Live

As always, an alternative to your local broadcaster. Your mileage may vary. I'm not sure who can watch at this hour... but if you do, leave a comment. Enjoy.

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  1. Webber on Ham .. "I't's the nature of the beast"

    --- referring to what Ham did to him @ Monza ,,

  2. I think the spirit of Senna just weighed in on Hamilton!

  3. Now there will be much whining about the Massa-Hamilton hit. Me? after what Hamilton did on the first corner I say he got what he deserved. I'm sure Timo Glock will agree

  4. Nice job Lewis! You really are next Senna!

    But honestly what an idiot move into T1, I would have expected that from a GP2 driver, not a "superstar" F1 driver....

  5. Anyone else find it funny how some publications were reporting on Ron Dennis and Hamilton defending Kubica's "aggressive driving" accusations. Poetic justice! Kubica 2nd, McLaren + Hamilton 0 points.

  6. Didn't you have the F1 Fanatic live blog on here for singapore, AC? I can only imagine you didn't participate this week because of the unbelievably idiotic pro-hammy bent over there. Last year at Monza hammy tried to pass Alonso on the outside and Alonso deserved to be chucked out of the sport for the offense, this year hammy dove inside of Kimi in a way that could only force Kimi to a dead stop or off the track and no one at F1 fanatic can EVER remember a case in which forcing a competitor off track deserved a penalty. Its one thing to be biased, but another thing to have only a one lap memory. Go ahead and read the liveblog for the race at F1 fanatic where you can learn that the massa and hamilton penalties today have "put the nail in the coffin of the WDC" and that no one in Australia will ever watch F1 again because of this injustice.

  7. WOw, just WOW, what an INCREDIBLE day on F1 ... I am absolutely delighted by Massa wrong but justified move on LH, he was penalized as it should but after a crazy week where when even Senna (RIP) was used in some stupid commentaries by a talented driver that has too much attitude and poor maturity/judgment ... what happened today was pretty much a PAY BACK to Ham for all the BULLIE "gran-turismo5 online" attitude ... guess what Ham, it's time to grow the f***k up but thanks for bringing some laughs to our life's .. and Massa, thanks for been man enough to show that clown -ham- that if he wants to play hard, you can also do it (... remember Ham idiotic Pit error while the light was red/ he had 2 F1 cars to crash and he targeted specifically Kimi's car? ... remember so many times "Ham" put Massa on the Grass? ..... even last night, remember Mr. Ham pretty much almost putting 2 ferraris out of the race? ----on the first turn?)

    Nice Massa, now we are talking here!
    Nice Senna for taking Massa body for a second :)


  8. Funny that everyone always declared F1 dead then 300 million end up watching anyway...
    I would add this about Massa, I'm love that he stood up to Lewirton Sennaltonbut I do wish he had the sense, the World Champion's sense, to realize the Mclaren was riding on square tires flatspotted down to the chords. Lewis would have had to stop or would have gotten a puncture...and a drive though. Another opportunity wasted.

    Alonso, even the ITV guys wee forced to admit he's the best driver in F1. And Renault?....damn they won it straight up this time, fantasitique!


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