October 31, 2008

Hamilton on Senna: "We're somehow similar"

"I share something with him". 
On the eve of the deciding Brazilian GP Lewis Hamilton once again invokes Senna's ghost. Specifically he claims he too can be, as they would say down NASCAR's way, "the intimidator", "I don't care who you are - whether you're Kimi Raikkonen or whomever - I'll go up the inside of you."

Oh boy, this should be a wonderful Brazilian GP!

BBC News

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Nearly every time Lewis goes up the inside of someone into a corner, he blows his braking, locks up a wheel, and ends up running the other driver off the track. I'd call that intimidation, but to be charitable, let's call these overtaking maneuvers "highly optimistic."

    I'm of the opinion that if the other drivers hadn't let him do it, he would have quit trying by now. But it works, so he's kept it up. If more drivers had just stayed on their line, turned in and let Hamilton hit them, he'd have been knocked out of the points or out of the race enough times to have learned his lesson.

  2. I hope wonderboy gets punted off during the race, he doesn't deserve the championship.

  3. Oh come on Axis, I know you have a sillier picture of Hamilton somewhere in your archives.

  4. I think he looks "invoking" there....and sillier and we get called haters! :O)


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