October 17, 2008

Chinese GP Friday Practice

If there was ever a time to thank Bernie Ecclestone for forcing night races in the far east this is it.   Practice, race and qualifying start at 2AM eastern time...  I guess people on the west coast of the US are happy: they may be, as the guys on the F1Weekly podcast pointed out,  a minimum of a 15 hour plane ride from the closes GP venue but at least they get to watch these Asia races without the aid of artificial stimulants!

I will be watching Quali and the race off the DVR tomorrow,  I'll see if the feed will work or not but I'll put it up for you night owls!

Now to practice....nothing especially exciting  other than further Hamilton related blabbing. Asked why so many of the drivers in the field are cheering for Massa,  Ecclestone tells Auto Motor und Sport  that Hamilton is good for business but " he seems a bit arrogant " and has "too high an opinion of himself and so irritates the others".  Take it up with Bernie.

Myself, I'm still trying to figure out what Hamilton meant by:
"The reason I'm here is because of the way I drive.  And, as you can see, I don't clash with people so they can't be that aggressive."

Anyway. enjoy the clips and check in tomorrow afternoon after qualifying.


  1. If you quote and translate do it correct please: the quote of mr E implies that Mr E means he's not arrogant but that he perhaps has a bit too much overconfidence ; and that is irritating other drivers... It easy to take a piece of a quote and use it isn't t...

  2. It's an interesting track China. So bland in many ways - but at the same time it looks like it would be really enjoyable to drive. Dare it be said that Tilke is actually getting somewhere?

    That first corner never looks like it's ending.

  3. AC what you leave out : "I believe rather" which implies.... etc etc


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