October 15, 2008

2008 Bathurst 1000 Part 3: the Race

The final instalment of of our Bathurst epic starts with a circuit walk with Neil Compton, a former driver and now commetator with Australia's 7 Sport. The broadcast coverage of this race is simply fenomenal, everything from cameras inside th cars to Helicopters chasing racers down the mountain...just great. And we have to thank Darcy in Australia for making these clips available to the rest of the world.
After the jump, the final 12 laps of the race, a final strint from behind the safety car.

Care to have a go at the Mountain yourself? It's possible if not exactly convenient for most:
Drive Bathurst.com
And of course you could enter the Bathurst 12 hour race for Showroom stock cars too!

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  1. ...and to think I complain about the lack of runoff at my local tracks!


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