September 5, 2008

Ride the Red Water

It was great to watch practice on Italian SKYsports today.
This premium channel offers great coverage of all sessions but, crucially, has great commentators. 
Giorgio Piola you know from the videos we posted here in the past. He offers great technical insights from pit lane. 

The other technical commentator was current Ferrari test driver Marc Gene. With all due respect to other broadcast teams, having a current driver with much seat time in a current F1 was fascinating.  This not only because he commented on all onboards in satisfyingly technical terms but because he was extremely clear and illuminating on what actually goes on during a test session. So watching was not just cars going round and round but a bit of a lesson...very cool!

As for day1 results, Alonso deserves a lot of credit because his car looked awful and very twitchy, I doubt he will be able to qualify well unless they sort something out. Sebastian Vettel is a monster in the making, his car control is just phenomenal. Does he have a Ferrari contract? keep an eye on what engines will be in next year's RedBull for a clue! Let's Ride op Eau Rouge with these guys.

Spa on board from Axis Video on Vimeo.

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